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Our firm

We are an English-speaking team of professionals from different professions, mainly lawyers and certified accountants, which provide tax advice, planning and litigation services, focused in delivering a timely, value-adding response.

We help our clients plan their transactions from a tax perspective and draft the legal documentation therefor.


Tax advice

We assist individuals and businesses alike regarding their day-to-day operations.

Tax planning

Our experienced team can assist you in the process of giving legal shape to your transactions and projects in a manner that is tax-efficient.

Tax returns

We either prepare or review your tax returns and provide insight on any issues that deserve a special attention.

Tax defense

It is not just a matter of having the right, it is a matter of being able to prove it. We assist our clients in building the appropriate arguments and putting strong evidence together in order to defend their tax positions if in an audit.

Tax litigation

When so needed, we will represent you and your business before the Judiciary regarding tax, customs, social security and other similar issues.

State planning

State affairs can be planned in advanced so your assets are transmitted to heirs in a smoothly, tax efficient yet defendable manner. We can assist you.

Corporate affairs

Leave in our hands the legal work for the setting up of your Company, drafting of by-laws, or of corporate events such as by-law amendments, minutes of the board, share issuance and reorganizations, among others.


Mauricio Carvajal C.

Mauricio leads an experienced team of professionals highly experienced in tax issues.

He is a lawyer (J.D. Equivalent) from Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia), Specialist in Tax Law from Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), an International Taxation Expert from University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and a Certified Public Accountant from UNAULA (Colombia). He also took the LL.M. course in International Economic Law (University of Warwick, England), where he was part of acknowledged lecturer David Salter`s course on Double Tax Treaties.

He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

In the past he was part of the in-house team form companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bancolombia, Fiduciaria Bogota, the Colombian Ministry of Finance among others.

He is a member of the “Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario -ICDT-” (Tax Law Colombian Institute) and a contributor to some of the most important Colombian tax magazines and blogs.


Mauricio Carvajal – Asesores Tributarios y Legales
Carrera 43 A No. 5 A 113  Torre Sur Oficina 815
One Plaza Business Center
Medellín (Colombia)
(+57) 314 888 9665